Dustin Lyon

Lyon is a digital and sound art

ist, applying physics and mathematics to break down structures; creating abstractions with the mechanics of sound and vision. Science is both a framework and a methodology for Lyon. He deconstructs the narrative of science’s dependability, exposing the elegance of it’s fragility, and uses experiment and chance to do this.

Selected exhibitions:

2019 The Fire Within, The Galleries, UK

2018 The Lonely Sea, Wigan STEAM, UK

2018 Museums At Night, Museum Of Wigan Life, UK

2018 Into Line, The Old Courts, UK,

2017 Satanic Panic, The Old Courts, UK

2017 ULTRA (A State Of Mind), Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, UK

2016 Mayhem Festival, Broadway, Nottingham, UK

2016 Museums At Night, Museum Of Wigan Life, UK

2015, The Study, Manchester Museum, UK