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Bubbles Exhibition

Wigan Arts Festival

31st July – 14th August 2021

Since the beginning of lockdown in 2020 the word ‘bubble’ has taken on new meanings for everyone on how we position ourselves in an uncertain world. A sense of security can be created in our own support bubble with friends and family that protects our sense of community, connection and happiness.

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Boundaries can be established within our personal bubble that can also evoke feelings of isolation and disconnection from those around us affecting our mental health. Bubbles can also conjure memories in the simple joy of blowing bubbles in our milk as a child or the disappointment of expectations as our bubble is burst. As part of Wigan Arts Festival, Cross Street Arts studio and associate artists will examine this concept of bubbles across different mediums from painting to sculpture to mixed media.

Light – Instagram Exhibition

Throughout May – June 2021, we will be sharing work by our artists for our new lockdown project ‘Light’. Head over to our Instagram account to see the amazing work created by our artists.

A sun with the word light.
Exhibiting in Cross Street Arts Gallery

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