Maria Walker

Maria Walker is a contemporary artist who explores the concept of embodiment and memory through a variety of media and techniques, but which often involve using textiles or which reference textile techniques and technologies due to their innate tactility and flexibility.

Her earlier practice centred around memory and narratives and she told the stories of ordinary people in her textile work and installations. She was concerned with the traces people leave behind through an exploration of personal objects and clothing which often evoke personal and cultural memories. Her exhibition “The Lightfoot Letters” was inspired by a bundle of old letters she found and tells the story of a working class family in Widnes in the 1920’s.

Recently she has developed her fine art practice and explores similar themes in her large scale, abstract sculptural work. Her organic looping structures, emerge from a combination of a process- led approach and relationship with materials, and her ongoing academic research and interest in the human body.

MA in Fine Art University of Chester 2014

Hoxton Arches, London, Transient, 2018
Ordsall Hall, Salford, Interval 1.1, 2018
Clotworthy House, County Antrim, The Lightfoot Letters, 2017
Saltaire Arts Trail 2016, Open Houses,   2016
Mirabel Studios Manchester, Factory,  2016




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Twitter: @blueberrybutton

Insta : @mariawalkerart