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Clog Fighting – Exhibition by Anna FC Smith at Gallery Oldham

One of our associate artists, Anna FC Smith’s latest exhibition ‘Purring- Sport of the People’ previews 9ths Jan 2016 at Gallery Oldham.

This exhibition exhumes the lost histories of clog fighting in Oldham and surrounding areas. The brutal sport was poorly documented and the fragmentary information has never been brought together until now.

The artist has found evidence that the sport created a space for working men to rule their own lives and express pride and community under their own terms. The sport may have been violent, but, in the context of their lives, fighters displayed skill, sportsmanship, and bawdy good humour.

Anna FC Smith has a longstanding interest in history, folk culture, communal traditions, documentation and archives. As a practitioner she locates herself between artist, historian and anthropologist, with historical and anthropological research forming the basis of much of her work. Through her practice Smith demonstrates the imperfect pursuit of truly knowing and recounting experiential folk customs.

The exhibition continues until April 9th 2016 so you have plenty of time to pay it a visit.


Gallery Oldham

Oldham Cultural Quarter,
Greaves Street,