Sharon Barnes

Sharon Barnes

The mixed media pieces I make are a celebration of the natural changes and inherent qualities of landscape. The work reflects my attraction with and observations of different landscapes, capturing a sense of place through the combination of collected images and materials, with a suggestion of mood and atmosphere.  I frequently walk the coastal landscape as this environment continues to inspire and provide a source of ideas. Rural landscapes offer inspiration with each environment presenting unique characteristics. Each landscape has its own beauty with the seasons bringing dramatic changes. Tides rise and fall leaving their mark on marshes and sand hills and rural landscapes provide environments which can be rich in texture and colour or brisk and raw in appearance. Each journey reveals objects within an ever changing environment.

I record the journeys I make through photography and the selection and collection of natural detritus that reflects the changes of the landscape. During my walks objects are collected and these fragments are kept in remembrance of time and place. The working process involves arrangement through collage, painting and assemblage which investigates surface, colour and the juxtaposition of found objects. I aim to draw attention to the finer details of the landscape and present them as relics that have survived the passage of time, similar to the way museums store and display artefacts. Objects are layered to reflect the manner in which the landscape reveals and conceals itself and are assembled to highlight the precious nature of each selected subject within a composition of related fragments.


2016 Cross Street Open Studios, Cross Street Arts Gallery, Standish

2016 VS, New Art Spaces, Bolton

2016 Symposium, Arthouse, Southport Contemporary Arts

2016 Wigan Arts Festival, The Old Courts, Wigan

2016 West Lancs Open, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

2016 18, Cross Street Arts Gallery, Standish

2016 Arts Festival, ArtHouse Southport Contemporary Arts

2016 Art Around Town, Arts Trail, Southport

2016 Beyond the Obvious, Waterfront, Southport

2016 Coastal Spirit – Sense of Place, ArtHouse Southport Contemporary Arts 

2016 Elements, Waterfront Arts Project, Southport

2016, Migrate, Cross Street Arts, Standish



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