Liz Chapman

Liz Chapman (b. 1984, UK) is a mixed media artist who manipulates materials to play out the role of scientist, documenter and explorer of the natural world. Chapman’s work focuses on biology and the natural sciences, in a drive to understand the weave and weft of the world around us. Recreating, mimicking and dissecting the substance of scientific phenomena, the artist expresses the multiple relationships she has with matter. Her artistic creations are an exploration and documentation of the natural world.
2019, Love is a Rebellious Bird, The Fire Within, The Galleries, Wigan 2019, Twenty Years, Cross Street Arts, Standish 2018, The Deconstructed Cross, Cross Street Arts, Standish 2018, Paper Flowers, Food Fest on the Square, Wigan Market, Wigan 2018, Florum Machina, Wigan STEAM, Wigan 2018, Objectivity Works, Online (Instagram) 2018, Intoline, The Old Courts, Wigan 2018, BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), The Old Courts, Wigan
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