Katharine Ferns

In Between - Katharine Ferns

My work focuses on the construction of identity through our remembering and the mis-remembering of the past. Our conceptions of the past, whether vivid or distorted, form our current mythologies and perceptions of ourselves. My work questions how identity is constructed when memory is disconnected, repressed or absent. Some events of the past are stored as sensory fragments without a coherent narrative or semantic guide within the mind and held as body memory under the skin. I focus on how the body holds events from the past that cannot be expressed through language. Using the visual imagery of the figure, I am questioning whether tacit communication of the body is possible in my paintings.

Katharine Ferns has a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. Her work is part of collections across Canada and the United States.


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Website: www.katharineferns.com
Twitter: @ katharineferns
Instagram: @katharineferns