Louise Garman

My current practice has been to explore the idea of journeys. My starting point was a long walk, collecting discarded and unwanted everyday objects along the way, and photographing my surroundings. Each journey I have taken has been documented in sketch books and photographs. Initially, I believed that my practice was reflecting society, and our greed and non-caring attitude towards our environment. I then realised that my choice of objects was saying more about me as an artist through the process of observation and selection. Throughout this period, I had been having aggressive treatment for cancer, and I am sure this had an impact on the choices I have made. Subconsciously ,I have focussed on life and death – birds’ nests, children’s toys, skulls, sleeping tablets, to name but a few. For me, this has made the items I found more powerful and poignant and the objects have a more personal connection. I have become fascinated by unwanted, displaced and discarded signs of life, both man-made and natural; abandoned objects, in surreal landscapes, both fleeting and precious.I am currently creating carefully constructed installation pieces from my photographic images. In addition to this, I plan a large installation from the unwanted discarded items. I also create videos, and use the process of plaster etchings to incorporate my drawings.



2018 “Nasty Women”, Constellations, Liverpool, UK

2018 “Fe/Male”, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, Manchester UK

2018 “Diptych Triptych Polyptych”, PS Mirabel, Manchester UK

2017 “Corduroy”, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 “Small World”, PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK