Mike Fahey

The challenge of instigating a relationship between paint, the painted image and the photographic image occupies my mind. My work explores my own emotive response when confronted by images which are both personal and in the public realm. Much of my work is concerned with my reactions to events which come to my attention through the continuous stream of images from T.V, newspapers, internet etc. My interest in the past has proven that these events are not simple “one offs” but are endless repetitions which occur and occupy artists throughout history, wars, terrorism, famine, natural disasters such as the recent Haiti and Chile earthquakes and the problems which occur when normal people are made to fight for survival against their fellow man.

Using mainly painting, drawing and print making techniques and utilising the human figure, I intend to produce a body of works which will explore a changing relationship between the photographic image and the artists ability to represent that image in a way which will enable a contemporary audience to connect with both the image and its history


2014. St Helens World of Glass. “Artist and Archives “

2013 Cross Street Gallery. “Bridges over Troubles.”

2011/12 Turnpike Gallery “History,War and Myth”.

2011 Turnpike Gallery Leigh “We Are Here”

2010 MA Show Atkinson Gallery, Street, Somerset


Website: mikefaheyfineartist.wordpress.com