Matylda Augustynek

Matylda Augustynek
A fundamental change in my life has occurred during the course of my studies for a BA in Fine Art at Wimbledon and one that has brought about a dramatic diversification in my practice.
In 2018 I became a mother and my practice became a response to the new context I found myself in.
Motherhood is so existentially consuming and preoccupying that it cannot help but suffuse any artwork that I make.
I now find my domestic and creative life coexisting in an irresolvable discord that has ultimately become the reason for my choice of subject matter as I depict the female through the lens of motherhood.
Not only has the context of my work changed, motherhood has enabled me to develop my practice and to diversify from my previous classical media of wood and stone carving into film, photography and the use of my body and my experience pre and post natal to explore the experience of woman, artist and mother in the twenty first century.
Whilst pregnant I found relevance in the work of the feminist artists of the 1970’s and 80’s which led to my growing awareness of the loss of women’s creative role in the human story. My role as artist-mother has provided me with the opportunity to bring this sidelined part of humanity to the fore of the art canon and of social dialog with a profundity I feel it deserves.
2020 Animation featured in Medicine Show SkyRoom Live
2019 GOAT Magazine, Issue 02
2019 Aesthetica Magazine, Issue 88
2018 Degree Show, Wimbledon College of Art, London

Instagram: @matylda.augustynek