Shakesmyteeth is the alter-ego of Horwich artist John Spurgeon.

Discarded sun-yellowed paper, rejected journals, forgotten correspondence, obsolete technical illustrations and textbooks. Dada, surrealism, lyricism, cinematography and lighting,. Haiku, archaic dictionary definitions, linguistics and typography. Topography, museum exhibits, natural history, folklore, wilderness and landscape. Malfunctioning machines, illumination,electronica and sampling. Layering, transparency, deception, forgery and kleptomania. The bureaucracy of secrets.

Where these things meet you will find the responses of Shakesmyteeth, through photography, mail art, digital collage, assemblage and, most recently, lightboxes.


Shakesmyteeth has exhibited prints of his work in the UK and his lightbox exhibition “What Wireless is Not” was exhibited in the UK and USA.