Jenna Tilley

Love Your Labia - Jenna Tilley

My practice is primarily body-positive lino printing, photography, sculpture and digital art, spreading the message that all boobies are beautiful and to love your labia. I have always struggled with my own self image and this has driven me to help other people to learn to love themselves and the skin they are in. I feel my work is very rough around the edges, my aim is never perfection as bodies aren’t perfect and that’s okay, I embrace the imperfections of my work as I embrace the imperfections of my body, I feel my art is an extension of myself. I always want my work to have a silly and fun feel to it as I want people to feel joy when they see my pieces and to start a conversation between people, to not to feel embarrassed and embrace those “awkward” conversations about our bodies, boobies or vulvas.


2018 The Wigan Open Exhibition

2018 Syzygy exhibition, Leeds

2018 Meraki, Leeds

2015 I’ll show you mine exhibition, Leeds

2015 Wigan and Leigh graduate show


Instagram: @love_your_labia