Dustin Lyon

Digital Art Installation

Dustin Lyon is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in immersive site-specific installations as well as creating paintings and scaled down objects. His work combines sculpture, light, video projections and sound using the latest technologies and unique materials. Sound is paramount to Lyon as such he invests just as much time into the sonic aspects of each work to ensure that both visuals and sound are married to create a truly immerse experience. He creates ethereal environments which collide science and the rationalisation of nature with the supernatural and ineffable; borrowing techniques from cinema and theatre to create transcendental worlds that blur the lines of reality. His works place equal emphasis in each medium or matter he uses. The visual is enhanced through the sonic aspects to ensure the complete submersion of the viewer. Taking inspiration from the Baroque and Romantic/Gothic art movements, ancient monuments and majestic landscapes, Lyon’s alchemic amalgams forge alters and sci-fi cathedrals that imbue a sense of foreboding or the sublime. Our future and our ancient pasts converge at the thresholds of these liminal spaces. Lyon invites us to pass through the Empyrean gateway, to evolve, and to experience hidden dimensions.


2020 – 2021 We Will Always Be Together, The Fire Within, The Galleries, UK

2020 HOME, Manchester, UK

2019 The Fire Within, The Galleries, UK

2018 The Lonely Sea, Wigan STEAM, UK

2018 Museums At Night, Museum Of Wigan Life, UK

2018 Into Line, The Old Courts, UK,

2017 Satanic Panic, The Old Courts, UK

2017 ULTRA (A State Of Mind), Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, UK

2016 Mayhem Festival, Broadway, Nottingham, UK

2016 Museums At Night, Museum Of Wigan Life, UK

2015 The Study, Manchester Museum, UK


Instagram: @realdustinlyon