Joyce Coulton

Joyce Coulton

Having graduated in Printed Textiles (Manchester 1969), I worked in industry designing jacquard fabrics and carpets.

I have been interested in the tactile qualities of textiles ever since I was taught knitting, sewing, crochet, tatting ( a form of lace-making), and weaving, as a child.

Over the past twenty years, I have spent some time re-exploring these in my work, and love the meditative qualities of these repetitive, simple techniques; the way in which an image can grow gradually either in a controlled manner or maybe take an unexpected direction.

Using knitting yarn, embroidery thread, string or paper, I begin with a very basic idea which is allowed to develop as the work progresses. Most of my subjects have some connection with time and change, either in nature, or human behaviour and memory. The contrast between simple and complex, and the progression of one to the other brings me full circle to the underlying reason for my choice of medium and method.


All About Drawing, The Gallery at Bank Quay House

Migrate, Cross Street Gallery, Standish

CSA at The Old Courts, Wigan