Elaine Phipps

My work explores the mystery in odd neglected corners – under the hedge; dancing in the undergrowth. To capture the euphoria of colour and shifting light as the day goes by or a night ends; the primal energy of a weather front chasing across a flank of land or along a shoreline. I’m also working on an ongoing series of paintings and drawings based around Shakespeare’s character Ophelia and a series of paintings and drawings based around the exploration of tree-magic and transformation, dryads and Ogham.

Grejczik Gallery, Scarborough’s Coastival Festival
PS Mirabel, Open Exhibition ‘Mono’, Manchester
Placement v Process, Old Courts, Wigan and Cross St Arts Gallery, Standish
Cross Street Arts at The Atkinson, Southport
2017 Liverpool Art Fair

Website: www.elainephipps.com

Twitter:  @elainephipps