Klaire Doyle

Recounting Attempted Termination - Klaire Doyle

Klaire Doyle is an interdisciplinary artist based in the North of England.

Doyle’s research predominantly investigates documentation, the monstrous feminine, the abject and the representation of these within Catholicism via performance and participatory practice.

She has been internationally acknowledged since 2014, including solo and group works in New York City, Venice Biennale, Moscow and Helsinki. Klaire is an associate artist at Cross Street Studios, Wigan STEAM and The Birley.

Doyle holds a Masters in Making Performance and frequently works as a scenographer for theatre, site specific performance and exhibition. She also coordinates art, art history and performance classes for all abilities across the UK.


Website: www.klairedoyleart.com

Twitter: @klairedoyleart

Instagram: @klairedoyleart