Klaire Doyle

Klaire Doyle is an interdisciplinary artist from Northern England.

​Her practice investigates sentient/insentient lived experiences and the reclamation of feminine abjection via action, performance, scenography and participatory practice. Vulnerability and curious narratives are at the heart of Klaire’s research which longs to answer questions to better navigate the world she lives in. Her work confronts with grotesque humour, and she uses a sarcastic bite to overshadow misrepresentations. Phenomenology and storytelling is of great influence to Klaire’s practice as she sources experiences of her own and those close around her in an auto/ethnographic journey to represent those histories.

Klaire practices at Castlefield Wigan New Art Space studios, Cross Street Arts, The Birley and Wigan STEAM as an associate artist. Her works have been internationally exhibited since 2014, including solo and group works in New York City, Venice Architecture Biennale, Moscow, Tokyo, Helsinki, Melbourne and the TATE Exchange.

​Klaire delivers workshops to adults and children, including hard to reach audiences with craft, scenography, collage and experimental drawing classes. Klaire is also a project manager and tutor at TERM Art Classes which provide Themed Life Drawing, Practical Art History and various Art Courses to instil a love of creativity and a confidence in making with freedom to experiment.


2022, RED, Post Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia

2021, Ride Your Pony No.4, Abingdon Studios, Blackpool, England

2019, Twenty Years, Cross Street Arts, Standish, England


Website: www.klairedoyle.com

Instagram: @klairedoyleart