Andrea Lowe

Andrea Lowe drawing

I am a Fine Artist creating works in a range of media encompassing drawing, print, video and installation. Predominantly my work is an exploration of the human condition and the broader issues of the human experience either through a study of my ‘self’ or of people and society in general.

For me, drawing is at the core of creative output and I enjoy the challenge of physical and direct methods which offer in-the-moment responses.

My most significant work to date is the project Self365 (a self-portrait a day for one year) which served as a methodical self-analysis and creative challenge in being both subject and artist in the same moment.

The prolonged and demanding nature of the project was fundamental to me and my practice in allowing for a deeper narrative to emerge and providing a thorough investigation into the concept of self-portraiture. I use the term ‘drawing’ loosely to describe my work and continue to search for fresh and interesting ways to make marks on paper.


2014 Self365 at Cross Street Gallery Wigan
2014 Warrington Contemporary Open, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington
2015 Cross Street Arts, The World of Glass, St Helens


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