Jane Fairhurst

Jane Fairhurst is a multi disciplinary artist who has chosen an individual, anti-formal direction that co-exists alongside the mainstream, making available useful strategies for negotiating meaning into objects. She circumvents the idea of ‘progress’ and by referencing nature and ancient ritual opens up rich areas of content. Producing objects that mimic the timelessness of authentic ritual objects, which follow a set pattern and remain unaltered over generations creating a reality that is timeless and independent of circumstances.


‘Love is a Rebellious Bird’, The Fire Within, Wigan

‘Profile’, Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester

‘Under the Weather’, Glass Cube Gallery, St Helens

Beep International Painting Prize, Swansea

Greater Manchester Art Prize, Bolton

‘T’Art’, Sweet’Art, Bones and Pearl gallery, London


Website: www.janefairhurst.co.uk/

Website: www.axisweb.org/p/janefairhurst/

Twitter: @GreenslateJane