Cross Street Arts

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Cross Street Arts is a group of professional artists based in the village of Standish in Wigan

Set up as a charitable organisation in 2004, we aim to provide, where possible, access to studio spaces and exhibition opportunities for professional artists. One of our goals is to create greater access to the visual arts and encourage learning and appreciation of these in the public arena.

The Cross Street Arts community is made up of 40+ members including studio-based professional contemporary artists and a growing number associate artist members. All of our members contribute their time and talents to the successful running of Cross Street Arts. We hold regular group exhibitions, open studio events, artists talks and workshops. All of our artists exhibit locally and internationally.

Don’t miss out on visiting our artist webpages. Each of our artists has a page on the website which shares their art work, artist bio, contact details and a list of their exhibitions.

We also have a dedicated, specialist board of Trustees who volunteer their time to govern Cross Street Arts.

Catch up on the latest Cross Street Arts news

To find out more about our artists, events and exhibitions, visit the CSA news section and events page. We regularly update these pages with the exciting things our artists are up to and how you can get involved.

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