Lucy Sharkey

Lucy Sharkey embroidery

Lucy Sharkey is a textile artist based in the North West of England. After studying fashion design at John Moores university, she began to explore the different ways of using fabric and stitch to communicate her thoughts on topics such as mental health, body modification, pop culture and death. She has been a member of the Standish art group Cross Street Arts since 2016 , and in addition to displaying work in many other exhibitions, she co-organised and exhibited in the Wigan Nasty Women show in 2017. Her work has been described as provocative, funny and a satirical look into the odd, emotional, sexual, and sometimes darker side of life.


2022, Stitch Fetish 8, California

2021, Candid Arts, London

2017, Nasty Women, Cross Street Arts Standish

2015, WomanStanley, Warrington


Twitter: @Sharkeycraft

Instagram: @LucySharkeyArt